are getting married

FEBRUARY 8th, 2020

our story


Kim and Hugh grew up in different states, went to different colleges, and never lived in the same city. The two probably crossed paths more times than they're even aware of (Hugh coming to NYC often to visit his hometown buddies - the same group of friends Kim hung out with in New York) before something clicked during the summer of 2013.  That June, while Hugh was living in Boston, he came down to NYC to visit some friends and tagged along to Kim's 25th birthday party. Although they had met in passing before, it was the first time they had the chance to get to know each other. They ended up spending most of the day making each other smile and eventually exchanging numbers, but then went their separate ways after the party. Hugh definitely did not drunk-dial her later. 

Throughout the summer, Hugh and Kim would keep in touch and with a little help of their mutual best friend (and soon to be officiant!), Austin, they were able to find some time to see each other again. From then on out, they were inseparable (minus the long distance). They began dating from NYC to Boston before both moving out to the West Coast that winter, only to remain a long-distance couple while Kim lived in San Francisco and Hugh was in Los Angeles. Finally, after 13 months of long distance, Kim moved to LA where the two now share an apartment (and their cat, Penny) in Santa Monica and are excited to spend the rest of their lives together.

the proposal

For Kim's 30th birthday, she and Hugh went back east to Dewey Beach (aka her favorite place in the world). On the first night there, Hugh nervously took Kim for a walk on the beach, where (5 years to the day after they reconnected at her 25th birthday party) he got down on his knee and asked Kim to marry him. They celebrated with Kim's friends and family all weekend in Dewey, and then Hugh's friends and family the following week in Cazenovia.